Why Choose Sticky and Rotating Proxies?

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2 min readMar 17, 2021


When finding the right proxy, it comes down to how anonymous you want to be. Proxy servers give you IP addresses to get behind from ones that are static to rotating. Although they both have their advantages, rotating proxies are optimal for scraping.

What is a sticky session?

A sticky session allows you to surf the web with one dedicated IP address, but only for a short duration of time. The proxy will remain the same and not change with each new request. Sticky sessions are viable options when changing IP addresses can get you blocked from certain sites or have classified business operations. Since you have the same IP address for as long as you need, you appear as an authentic online consumer.

Perfect for:

  • Social media. Manage and create new social media accounts by appearing as a legitimate user.
  • E-commerce. Snag deals and exclusive products from specific locations that you won’t have access to otherwise. Online transactions should be completed using a single IP address so you don’t get marked as fraudulent.

What is a rotating proxy?

Rotating proxies provide you with a new IP address for each request. You can send as many concurrent requests, and the server will rotate IP addresses for you. Say goodbye to the days when you had to manually gather and reset proxy lists. The proxies can be set to change at random or at constant intervals.

Get access to a large pool of IP addresses with rotating proxies. For example, Proxyverse offers over 70 million residential proxies that are connected to genuine devices. And you can geo-target more countries than a static proxy.

The benefits:

  • Increased anonymity. Mask your real IP address with a multitude of other IP addresses. Your identity, location, and device will be almost impossible to track.
  • Fewer blocks. Since your requests are spread out with different proxy servers, you won’t get flagged due to too many requests.
  • Easier to scrape. Rotating proxies are the go-to option for web scraping. You can send a thousand requests to quickly gather data to grow your business or monitor competitors.

At Proxyverse, we believe in making staying anonymous easy, and it wouldn’t be possible without our rotating and sticky proxies. Try today, we got you covered.

Written by,

Joshika Andersson