This Is Why Your IP Address Is Blocked

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3 min readApr 28, 2021

Ever been blocked from a site without really knowing why? From factors that are both in and out of your control, your IP address can end up being blacklisted. Although it may feel like you’re locked out of the site for good, you can get around it by using a proxy.

What is IP blocking?

IP blocking protects websites from any online threats or malicious activity. If suspicious behavior is detected from a user, their IP address is prevented from further browsing onto the site. This includes having nonhuman behavior like an unusually large amount of requests and clicks.

Getting your IP address blocked is far from ideal, especially when you’re just trying to scale your business or unlock some content. But it’s an important measure of cybersecurity that keeps the internet safe. Otherwise, it can be overcrowded with spam, fraud, and data leaks — and that would cause chaos.

Common reasons for IP blocking:

  1. Found crawling on e-commerce sites. E-commerce sites want to avoid bots purchasing and reselling their goods as much as possible. They implement firewalls to stop IP addresses that exhibit bot-like behavior.
  2. Marked as spam. Mass emails can easily be marked as spam, especially if the content isn’t any good. And your IP address can get blacklisted if you’re sending it to a list of spam emails. Ensure your next email marketing campaign is engaging and worth reading.
  3. Failed logins. With too many failed login attempts, your IP address can be blocked for a certain amount of time. Websites want to prevent a brute force attack where attackers try different combinations of usernames and passwords to get into your account.
  4. Limited to local content. It seems unfair that some of your favorite shows and movies are not available on your country’s Netflix, but are in another. Due to licensing agreements, the catalog of options can differ from country to country. But you can easily go around this with geo-targeted proxies.
  5. Locked only for authorized users. Most companies and schools only give access to their users to avoid confidential information getting leaked out. In 2020, 70 percent of data breaches were from outsiders.
  6. Restricted for political reasons. Although more than 60 percent of the world’s population uses the internet, not all have the same freedom. Countries like China, North Korea, and Iran face internet censorship and are blocked from content that the government doesn’t allow.
  7. Signed on a public network. Whether you’re on the public WiFi at a cafe or using free proxies, other users can get this IP address blocked. If they’re conducting any suspicious activity, this can affect everyone on the same network.

Unblock websites with proxies

Although your IP address is blocked, there’s still hope! You can still finish your scraping project by utilizing proxies.

By switching to rotating residential proxies, you’ll have access to millions of working IP addresses that’ll mask your own. So if one is blocked, there’s no need to fret. With each request, there’s a different IP address. And you can geotarget locations from around the globe. Proxyverse makes staying anonymous easy without the stress of IP blocking.

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Joshika Andersson