How to Start a Residential Proxy Company

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2 min readJul 1, 2021

Starting a residential proxy company sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a business opportunity that can grow from a side hustle to your main source of income. Find out how you can get started with these 3 steps.

1. Find a source for IPs

The easiest way to source IP addresses is to use an already existing residential proxy company. It’s as simple as contacting them about your intentions. Be prepared to answer questions like:

  • What is the primary use case?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How much traffic will you consume each month?
  • What countries are you targeting?

If the company agrees with your terms, you will be offered a price per gigabyte (GB). The amount of GB is based on how much traffic you want. Regardless of the volume of your purchase, it will always be higher than your asking price. These residential proxy companies still want to remain competitive against you.

2. Set up the API

Once you negotiate a deal with the residential proxy company, you’re then given access to an API. The API is a library of requests to help you manage multiple users efficiently. The requests allow you to:

  • Create users
  • Delete users
  • Allocate data for users
  • Subtract data from users

An API can help develop a website that’s both user-friendly and easy to facilitate. Plus, adding a bot will give you an extra hand in running the company, leaving you with fewer tasks to do.

3. Reach a target audience

Now it’s time to find clients! Since you’re committed to a certain amount of data each month, finding users is vital. Having an already strong social media presence is beneficial, but no need to fret if you don’t! The key is to market to the right audience. You can join cook groups with sneakerheads or be active on forums. By knowing the community, you can create and share relevant content to your site and social media pages. Competitor research will also help you gain insight, inspiration, and ways to stand out.

How can Proxyverse help?

At Proxyverse, we’re ready to help you start your journey towards owning a residential proxy company. Even if you’re nervous to commit, we never put expirations on our data. You can get an affordable deal without having to worry about dates. We have a capable API so you can easily manage your users. With over 70 million IP addresses, your company won’t be held back by limitations. Contact us today to launch your residential proxy company!

Written by,

Joshika Andersson