How Proxies Help With Social Media Marketing

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2 min readMay 18, 2021

Social media is a powerful tool that can increase your company’s brand awareness, sales conversions, and audience engagement. Although it’s ideal for social media accounts to grow organically, who doesn’t love an extra boost and more followers? With over 3.6 billion users on social media, proxies can help your brand stand out.

Proxies for social media scraping

Stay in the loop and strengthen your social media marketing campaigns without all the extra work. Web scrapers give you insight and analytics on both your competitors and consumers through a streamlined process. Conduct market research and sentiment analysis to get an idea of how your brand or product is perceived. Rotating proxies are especially helpful in gathering information and making multiple requests.

Proxies for account management

Social media platforms are picky when it comes to who is using their accounts. There’s a limit to the number of accounts one person (or one IP address) can create. They do this to avoid spam wreaking havoc on their platform.

Proxies allow you to bypass these restrictions. With multiple other IP addresses that mask your own, you can run more social media accounts without getting blocked or deleted. Be sure to use a tool that controls your geo-targeted locations and how often your IPs rotate. Social media platforms think it’s fishy if they see you jump from Asia to Europe in a matter of minutes.

How to use bots for social media accounts

Bots by nature exhibit superhuman behavior, making them easy to spot. This is a red flag for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

When you use bots to create multiple accounts, take it slow as a real user would. Don’t engage right away and instead wait a few days. Set your bots to like, comment, and follow at a realistic, humanly pace. So don’t go overboard by following thousands of users per day. Adding a few photos, a profile picture, and a short bio can make your accounts appear more legitimate.

What proxies should you use and not use?

Like with most projects, don’t go with free proxies. Not only are these unreliable, but they can expose you to malware and data leaks. Free proxies are tempting, but they aren’t worth the risk nor the time. More on this here.

Residential proxies are linked to real devices and people, making you appear as an authentic user and difficult to trace. Proxyverse offers a pool of residential proxies with speeds that make any project a breeze. We’re here 24/7 to answer any and all questions. Give us a follow too, where you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Joshika Andersson