Can Proxies Help With Academic Research?

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2 min readOct 6, 2021

We’ve all been there — you have a research paper due at midnight with little to no progress completed. You’re in full panic mode searching for all the right sources and scholarly articles. Save yourself the stress and make use of web scraping tools and proxies. You can waste less time scrolling and more time meeting the word count.

Automate finding sources

Going back and forth through multiple tabs to find the right source is exhausting. Instead, gather the facts into one place by automating the task. Web scrapers can collect textual data which can then convert into an easy-to-read spreadsheet. Companies often use this to scale their business too. It helps them get a better idea of the market and competitive landscape without having to manually go through each site. Using proxies while web scraping will then ensure your online traffic appears like an everyday user.

Geotarget more locations

Without a proxy or VPN, you’re limited to what’s available to you just based upon your IP address. Your IP address reveals your ISP, network, and general location. With a residential proxy, you can geo-target countries from around the globe by using other vetted IP addresses. This access to international content will allow you to have more articles, resources, and studies for your essay.

Unlock restricted sites

If you’re completing work on campus, you’re often met with restrictions online. Even the most popular sites such as those for gaming or social media are locked out for students. Whether you’re trying to get onto a site for research or just trying to catch a break on social media, proxies can be your key to unlocking these sites. Residential proxies will let you enter some sites without anyone in your school knowing (and we won’t tell).

Remain anonymous

Whether you want to protect your privacy or safeguard against malware, proxies are one solution to helping you stay anonymous. When you’re visiting multiple unknown sites for your academic research, use proxies as a safety net. Your network will not be exposed to the Internet and the proxy will be the middleman for your requests. Your IP address will be hidden among other real IPs.

The bottom line

What’s most important is following the site’s guidelines by web scraping ethically in your academic research. Avoid sharing anyone’s personal and private information in your essay. Steer clear from plagiarism to prevent getting in trouble legally and in school. To find out about ethically scraping, learn more here.

Although it’s easy to hop onto a free proxy site, that comes with risks too. Proxyverse ensures you have reliable proxies when you need them most. We’re here to help you build a passion project, grow your business, and finish that degree.

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Joshika Andersson