7 Top Use Cases for Residential Proxies

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3 min readFeb 2, 2021


When you can scrape data freely, it feels limitless. And some projects really wouldn’t be possible without a reliable proxy network. Whether you want to grow your business or start a personal project, here are seven most common use cases:

1. Market Research

Scope out your competitors without leaving a trace. Companies often protect their sites from other corporate IPs. But with a proxy server, you can access sites without being blocked or marked as suspicious. You can stay up to date with trends, analyze the industry, and meet consumer needs. So scale your business and plan that upcoming campaign.

2. Price Monitoring

Optimize your business’ pricing strategy with better offers than your competitors. Using a residential IP to monitor prices can help you be in the know in an ever-changing market. By appearing as a real customer, you can collect and analyze competitor’s current and past sales data. Having the right strategy can help your business increase sales and profit margins.

3. Email Protection

Working from home means even more emails from co-workers. And all that vital information shared should stay there. You wouldn’t want sensitive data or company information to get leaked from cyber attacks. Use the most reliable proxies to stand between the internal server and malicious targets. This way, your email stays in the right hands.

4. Travel Aggregation

We all love a good deal, especially when it comes to funding for your next trip. But it can be time-consuming. That’s where travel aggregation comes in. Scrape data on multiple airlines, hotel, and rental car sites to find the cheapest offer while geotargeting any country. With real residential IPs, travel sites won’t detect you as a bot.

5. SEO Monitoring

Ranking high on Google is important for any business’ success. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you gain organic traffic to your site through content. By using anonymous residential IPs, monitor how your website ranks without your browsing history playing into effect. Scrape SEO data to audit your competitor’s strategy for a competitive edge. Now you’re ready to create a game plan that attracts more visitors to your site without any second-guessing.

6. Ad Verification

Run ads without the worry of ad frauds, fake impressions, or unwanted placements with a proxy network. You can test and verify ads by detecting malicious activity without revealing your identity. And you can see how your international ads check out by changing your IP. You can rest assured knowing your ads continue to align with your campaign and brand voice.

7. Brand Protection

From an idea to a logo — it takes time, money, and hard work to create it all. Protect your business’s intellectual property (IP) at all costs from counterfeit, phishing, and malware. By using a residential IP, your business will have extra security and better control of traffic. Plus, since you’re anonymous, you can track where your copyrighted material is being used.

At Proxyverse, we’re here to help you meet all your business goals and project needs. With a pool of over 70m+ proxies, we got your back.

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Joshika Andersson