5 Ways to Make Money With Residential Proxies

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3 min readAug 6, 2021

Go beyond using residential proxies on personal projects and capitalize on its services. If you regularly find yourself using proxies, gain extra income with it too. You don’t have to be a pro at web scraping either. Check out these five easy ways to launch a side hustle:

1. Join affiliate programs

Already love a specific residential company (like Proxyverse)? Spread the word by joining an affiliate program. By signing up, you can find out if you’re eligible to promote a proxy provider and earn a monthly profit by doing so. As a brand partner, you will share a unique referral coupon code on forums and social media to gain revenue. The commission can be based upon how many users click through and create an account with your link. Plus, you can gain more access and discounts on proxy products you use every day.

2. Cop sneakers

Sneakers have become cultural commodities. The global sneaker resale market is projected to be valued at $30 billion by 2030. If you’re just starting, you don’t need to invest in new kicks immediately. Instead, find those with the greatest return on investment. This can mean they’re lightly worn but easy to flip for profit. Joining cook groups can help you stay updated on all industry news. Once you have enough saved up, cop limited releases by utilizing sneaker bots and proxies. Resell them on sites like eBay, Goat, and StockX. Find out more about sneaker bots here.

3. Run social media campaigns

Find yourself on social media throughout the day? Manage client accounts for small and large businesses by using proxies. Too much activity from one account can appear suspicious to platforms like Instagram or Twitter. A rotating proxy lets you spread out the likes, comments, and posts on different IP addresses. This can boost engagement and increase the follower count. By geo-targeting different parts of the world, you can reach new international audiences.

4. Browse tickets

Don’t blink — those tickets you’ve been wanting might just sell out in seconds. Ticket sites like Ticketmaster and Live Nation are notorious not just for sold-out events but for limiting buyers in the process too. Blocks often happen due to too many users on the same IP address. Rotating proxies change IP addresses so you can buy multiple tickets without getting flagged. Then, resell tickets on platforms like SeatGeek Marketplace.

5. Resell proxies

Open your own online business by gaining profit off the proxies themselves! Join a reseller program with a trustworthy proxy provider. Use their reliable pool of residential proxies to resell them to your own clients. You will also be given an API to easily manage users and track their usage. Learn more about how you can start your residential proxy company in our guide here.

At Proxyverse, we make it easy by never putting expirations on our residential proxies. If you’re nervous to start, our customer support team is here to answer any and all questions.

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Joshika Andersson